Complex Diet Drops

Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops

Complex Diet Drops

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Real People. Real Results.


What is Complex Diet Drops

Complex Diet Drops is a synergistic blend over 25 different ingredients known to help support the body in a variety of ways. When used together with the BioSource Nutra Diet Protocol, our scientifically formulated combination of ingredients helps:


Reduce Hunger naturally without any harsh stimulants


Lose Weight by retraining your body's appetites and promoting a healthy balance of the essential bodily processes that regulate fat storage.


Increase Energy by using more stored fat as fuel, helping convert your body into a fat burning furnace.


The BioSource Nutra Diet Protocol

The BioSource Nutra Diet Protocol combines aspects of intermittent fasting with calorie and carbohydrate restriction for a short, yet powerful body reset. Over the course of roughly one month you will retrain your body and mind to get back into an ideal zone of healthy living. 

Complex Diet Drops and the BioSource Nutra Diet Protocol will help catapult you toward becoming a leaner, more energetic, more confident YOU!

Choose to follow a:

  • 21-Day Option: Quick reset for fast results.
  • 43-day Option: Slightly longer to help you fully adjust to the important changes happening in your body.

Everything You Need In 3 Easy Steps

What’s Really Holding Us Back

The truth is modern lifestyles have hijacked our healthy behaviors and eating habits, making it very hard to maintain a healthy weight.

You are not alone if you have tried endless dieting and working out to no avail.

Key factors that may be causing us to hold on to unhealthy weight:

High Insulin Resistance

Insulin is an important hormone that regulates energy storage. High sugar, high carb diets elevate insulin levels. Consistent high levels of insulin creates higher insulin resistance in the body. This can signal to increase fat storage resulting in an accumulation of stubborn fat.

High Stress

Cortisol is called the stress hormone. Elevated levels of cortisol can decrease the body’s insulin sensitivity and cause chronic inflammation. This vicious cycle puts the body in a constant state of stress and anxiety that can signal the body to hold fat for survival.

Poor Sleep

Sleep deprivation can trigger imbalances in Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin is a hormone that signals hunger while Leptin suppresses the appetite. Lack of sleep may increase ghrelin levels, causing us to seek out food because we constantly feel hungry

Poor Hydration

Drinking too little water affects vital bodily functions. Sometimes we can mistake thirst signals for hunger signals and eat instead of hydrating. Increased hydration can aid in lipolysis, the body’s process of breaking down fat.

Poor Food Quality and Quantity

Restaurant food is typically loaded with sodium, refined sugar and saturated fat from processed oils. Poor quality foods and higher calorie or larger meal portions stress out the liver. This stress can lead to inflammation and hormonal imbalances resulting in unhealthy fat storage among other undesirable health conditions.

Poor Eating Patterns

Snacking, skipping meals, eating too late or waiting too long between meals all play a role here. Our bodies love predictability and will function efficiently with the right programming. Eating outside normal hours of activity forces our bodies into an active state that can prevent proper recovery and disrupt sleep cycles.

The good news is that most of our bodies are “naturally programmed” to be much healthier than we currently are but just need proper balancing and alignment to make significant improvements.

Why Complex Diet Drops?

Complex Diet Drops is designed to help: 

1)  Reduce excess hormones like cortisol - the stress hormone responsible for much of our belly fat. 

2)  Balance and activate beneficial hormones that regulate important bodily processes like hunger, blood sugar, and metabolism

Using Complex Diet Drops and following the BioSource Nutra Diet may help you achieve the proper balance needed for ideal weight management and better overall health. Other reasons Complex Diet Drops has been the top choice for many years include:

Unlimited Support

We want to help you reach your goals. Call, email, or chat with one of our coaches whenever you need some guidance.

Proper Guidance

Easy step-by-step instructions booklet to help you get started right.

Tools for success

Free Access to diet tools, recipes, and the BioSource Nutra diet success community.

Safe manufacturing

Made in USA in FDA registered, GMP certified facilites.

Proven track record

BioSource Nutra is going has helped customers reach their goals since 2010. The results speak for themselves.

Satisfaction guarantee

BioSourceNutra has a 30-day money-back return policy. If you’re not satisfied with our products or service, send it back for a refund! No hassles.

Ingredients: The Power Combo

Complex Diet Drops contains scientifically validated essential and non-essential amino acid profiles combined with high quality natural ingredient matrix that work together synergistically to support your body entering an optimal fat-burning mode during calorie restriction.

Essential Amino Acids are crucial to prevent lean muscle breakdown. A higher ratio of lean muscle mass can help the body burn more calories, essentially reducing the caloric supply that keeps fat cells plump. As a result, fat cells shrink helping us look leaner and feel lighter, among many other benefits.

Our Natural Ingredient Matrix contains a carefully balanced blend of herbs, adaptogens, and other natural boosters designed to supercharge your cells and help balance vital bodily functions.

The Essentials




Protect Lean Muscle

Regulate Blood Sugar

Reduce Stress


Protect Lean Muscle

Blood Flow

Mobilize Fat


Mental Performance



Mobilize Fat

Control Appetite

Reduce Fatige


Protect Lean Muscle

Cellular Detoxification


Control Appetite

Improve Mood


Natural Ingredient Matrix







Capsicum Annum

Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate

Strengthen Immune System – Lower Stress and Inflammation

Chromium Picolinate

African Mango

Gymnema Sylvestre

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar


Green Tea

Panax Ginseng

Boost Energy and Metabolism

Coleus Forskohlii

GrapeSeed Extract


Mobilize Fat

No Hormones, No Injections, No Negative Side-Effects

Creating a positive hormonal balance is essential for sustainable weight loss. Loading the body with hormones like hCG for weight loss purposes can result in hormonal imbalances that may actually cause delayed weight gain and other long-term issues.

The Complex Diet Drops formula DOES NOT CONTAIN hCG or any other hormones.

BioSource Nutra has dedicated several years and an incredible amount of resources toward research and development of our hormone-free formula that just works!

All The Tools For Success

When you order Complex Diet Drops you will receive a comprehensive diet system that includes everything you’ll need for success


Complex Diet Drops


Quickstart Diet Guide Booklet
Step-by-step instructions for quick referencing.


Diet Success Tools
Free access to our suite of tools including full diet instructions, weight loss tracker recipes, and food log.

Safety & Science

Nothing comes before quality and safety! BioSource Nutra formulates and manufactures every product in the USA in GMP Certified, FDA Registered facilities.

Every product is made with 100% natural ingredients under strict GMP quality standards then 3rd party tested for accuracy and safety.

Complex Diet Drops is:

  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Hormone Free
  • No Artificial Colors Or Preservatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to exercise while using Complex Diet Drops?

We recommend staying active with light to moderate exercise, but to avoid intense workouts. Intense workouts can cause extra stress on your body which could hinder your overall results.

Does Complex Diet Drops Contain hCG?

No. hCG a regulated hormone in the USA and cannot be sold over the counter. We encourage anyone who is thinking of using hCG for weight loss to consider the risk of using endogenous hormones like hCG for weight loss. This can create unintended consequences and side effects..

Where is Complex Diet Drops Made?

All BioSource Labs products are made in the USA in FDA registered, GMP certified facilities. Some ingredients may be sourced from different countries, but all manufacturing, lab testing, and quality control is in the United States.

Are there any side effects?

There have been no negative side effects reported. Some people do report headaches or slight upset stomach during the first week which can also be associated with the drastic dietary changes from following the diet protocol. We always recommend checking with a doctor before you start any new supplement. Check the label for ingredients you may be allergic to. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions aside from mild headaches.

Can I use Complex Diet Drops while taking medication?

Everyone's health situation is different, especially when taking medication. Unfortunately, we can't advise anyone on this matter. If you are unsure and would like to know if Complex Diet Drops is right for you, please consult your physician.